SaveAround® is the ideal content marketing platform.

Our technology enables consumers to connect with retailers via multiple products (print, online, mobile, linked to payment card) through various programs across multiple industries.

Our range of partners include:

        Financial Institutions that provide

       new and innovative engagement programs focused on top of wallet status, increasing spend, active rates, and reducing attrition through various programs.

        Loyalty Programs that leverage our
       content and technology via offers across all channels as rewards for redemption, as unearned and earned benefits, and as a means to provide additional ways to earn via card linking.

        Health Providers that reward their

       members with our health related offers and merchant funded programs to help offset the cost of incentives for healthy behaviors.

        Subscription Based Programs that
       develop premium programs leveraging high quality, and relevant content as rewards for subscriptions.

        Advertisers that leverage our core
       expertise in acquiring unique merchant content via all channels to support specific consumer experiences and goods.

        Retailers that have unprecedented
       opportunities to gain exposure to relevant audiences and have the flexibility to leverage multiple marketing channels and programs to connect to the consumer and build brand equity.

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