Our Leadership Team has been providing Corporate Solutions to companies of all sizes for the past 4 decades.


Our Founder, Ray Stanton II, pioneered the local discount coupon space. He established his first printed coupon solution in 1972, and since then, our goal has been to help companies provide high perceived value discount offers to customers, increasing their overall profitability to businesses. Our solutions work with both the retention and acquisition side of the business, while our technology platform "Henry" easily accommodates your technology and offer delivery methods your customers demand. We can deliver content in traditional print, e-commerce, mobile, and card linked, ensuring we have you covered for your companies initiatives.


We are proud of the 300,000+ merchants we work with in the US and Canada and are dedicated to continue growing. This ensures that our content is relevant, saturated and scalable for you. The Henry platform ensures a smooth process to plan, launch and monitor a successful program.


We are dedicated to working with you and thrive on partnerships.


Ray Stanton III

Partner and President of Corporate Solutions


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